Don't worry about the summer heat, the storm of dust or shower of rain, someone please pour more wine into the glass!
A party animal's soul call at Goa
Peace, fun and frolic, unplanned rendezvous at nighttime accompanied by lots of wine outline just some of the many vibrant colors of the state of Goa. The city is your one stop destination for a grand party. Often subdued in front of the many global hotshot beach party destinations, Goa is India's answer to the West and is a home for party enthusiasts from best of both the worlds. Imagining Goa without music would be living a famished life. While the travelers succumb to the beats of trance, retro and hip hop, the dancers shake a leg to the local Goan dances.
Entertainment party Entertainment party Entertainment party
The Goan music finds its rhythm and lyrics to Portuguese origins. While Jazz and religious music is also quiet popular in Goa, spending a quite reclusive musical evening in the village is a great form of traditional Goan entertainment. For the clubbers delight, there is an eclectic range of nightclubs to choose from with the likes of Club Fresh and Club Mambos. The popular discs at Goa include Party Zone, Taj Holiday Village and Aqua. If you are an adventure freak and a rush of adrenaline rules your veins, then go for a wide range of sports Goa has in offer: Scuba diving, Parasailing, Snorkeling, Surfing and Water Skiing. With so much at offer and so less time, one wonders why don't seconds have the durations of hours, while at Goa.
Entertainment party Entertainment party Entertainment party